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Management Pack Lifecycle

It is interesting to see the number of threads starting about the Exchange 2007 R2 MP not working ….. especially when the actual problem is with OpsMgr administrators not bothering to read documentation or understand what they are doing before they do it … I’m not sure why Microsoft added the capability to import management packs directly into Operations Manager ….. but do people use this? And why?

Potential issues:
1) You can’t read the documentation – in fact, it doesn’t even download. The number of threads that state “Exchange 2007 R2 MP doesn’t work” is going to grow and grow ….

2) It doesn’t always work – the Client OS MPs (such as Business Critical Desktops) actually rely on an xml file that doesn’t get imported unless you download the MP and manually import.

3) It suggests that change management and testing don’t exist in many organisations. Given the issues with a variety of management packs do people really not test them in a dev environment before importing them? Especially given the inability to roll back an MP that does do something that you rather it didn’t.

To me it seems to be a quick way for OpsMgr users (especially those new to the product) to get themselves into a mess by importing way too many management packs way too quickly without understanding what they are doing or why. Or am I just being old fashioned in prefering to understand what I’m doing rather than just blindly importing management packs and trusting to luck 😉

Management Pack Lifecycle:

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