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Reporting Services on a separate SQL Server

When splitting the Data Warehouse from Reporting Services, it seems you have only one chance to get this right. If the install fails first time then the roll back doesn’t clean things up correctly and subsequent attempts to install the Reporting Services component are doooooooomed to failure … and ever increasing frustration.

This is due to the fact that failed instances of installation create an invalid row in the Managmentgroup table in the OperationsManagerDW. To check this, login to OperationsManagerDW and expand tables and look for the table called “DBO.MANAGEMENTGROUP”. Right click on that table and open the same and copy the ManagementGroupGuid from the second column and run the below query against OperationsManagerDW

“EXEC ManagementGroupRejectConnect ‘MG GUID’” (Replace the MG GUID with the guid that you copied from the DBO.Managementgroup” table.

Once it is executed, login with the SDK account and try with installing the opsmgr reporting again.

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