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OpsMgr Queues

A good explanation came up today on the technet forums about the OpsMgr queues. The answer was provided by Hui Wang:

1: OpsMgr uses 1 ESE DB to store all data sent from the agent, this ESE DB is called “Health Service Store” DB. It’s normally under “\Health Service State\Health Service Store”, you will see several files under this directory, all these files are for that “Health Service Store” ESE DB.
Within this ESE DB, not only queues are in it, workflows also store state in it.

2. When agent loses communication with the mangement server, “Health Service Store” will start to grow because of the Queue within it is backing up. To check the size of the queue you can check performance counter “Health Service Management Groups(*)\Send Queue % Used”” and “Health Service Management Groups(*)\Send Queue Size”.

3. Not sure I understand what do u mean by limit the growth, the queue will grow when local workflow is running and collecting data but agent is not connected to MS. Unless you disable workflow, the queue will grow untill agent is conneted to MS. There is a registry setting u can use to set the maximum queue size limit.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HealthService\Parameters\Management Groups\\MaximumQueueSizeKb

4. When queue is full, it will groom data according to “delete priority” and then “age” of the data in the queue, the idea is less important and old data gets groomed first.

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