Don’t do it!

Administrators that are new to OpsMgr can easily be lulled into a false sense of security and download Management Packs directly from the web from the administrator window in OpsMgr. I really don’t recommend it and Kevin Holman gave a great explanation of why it is not good practice on the Technet Forums.

Using this tool to directly import MP’s is a bad idea and a worst practice.

1. You need to manually download and read the guide FIRST.
2. You need to ensure you have handled any “before you import” activities from the guide.
3. The MP might include unsealed MP’s which are required, and unless this has changed – those do not come through the UI download.
4. The new MP might not be upgrade compatible with an existing MP in your environment and the UI will not tell you this.

I’d agree with Kevin in that what we need is a Management Pack notifier like we had in MOM 2005…. where it can generate alerts when an MP upgrade for an existing MP is avalable.

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