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Troubleshooting 21023 Events

On a recent customer site, one of the Secondary Management Servers was “stuck” logging 21023 events (requesting configuration) in the operationsmanager event log. When I restarted the System Center Management Service on the MS, I noticed that the Root Management Server logged an event in the operationsmanager event log:

The request to synchronize state for OpsMgr Health Service identified by “255be352-859b-5f26-bdc0-f1a660d2cf71” failed due to the following exception

“Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Common.DataAccessLayerException: Invalid column name blah _2D3F1F4B_D4E0_2723_1415_9BF423A1D39F for query MTV_SelectProperty_2d3f1f4b-d4e0-2723-1415-9bf423a1d39f.”

I ran the following select statement against the operationsmanager database using the first guid (health service):

Select * from BaseManagedEntity where basemanagedentityid like ‘%255be352-859b-5f26-bdc0-f1a660d2cf71%’

This showed me it was the Secondary Management Server that was sending the “dodgy” data.

I then used the following SQL query to find out the mangement pack that was causing the problem (where the managedtypeid is the second guid in the original error):

SELECT mp.ManagementPackId, mp.MPName,
mp.MPFriendlyName, mt.TypeName, mt.ManagedTypeTableName
FROM ManagementPack mp
LEFT JOIN ManagedType mt ON mt.ManagementPackId = mp.ManagementPackId
WHERE mt.ManagedTypeId = ‘2D3F1F4B-D4E0-2723-1415-9BF423A1D39F’

This identified the problem management pack. Removing this and restarting the health service on the Secondary Management server kicked the Secondary Management Server back into life. Suddenly a whole batch of 1201 events were being logged as new management packs were downloaded.

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