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License Report

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

There is a good discussion here about limitations of the OpsMgr licensing report. In case the thread disappears, I’ll summarise the main points mentioned by Dan Rogers at MSFT here:

1) The licence report really doesn’t track this accurately. It is being removed in the future since monitoring is not the place where license compliance can most efficiently be tracked. The way that the licensing report was trying to track this was flawed – and SCOM is not the solution for enterprise license management. Getting the license report to be correct involves changing every management pack and getting all customers to reload them.

2) Here is a back of napkin (and unofficial aproach) Since standard license only applies to servers that are dedicated FAX, Print, DNS and File servers (did I miss any?) – where dedicated means not shared for any other reason, the enumeration should be pretty simple to do on a napkin. Count agents. Subtract the number of management servers. That gives you the total number of licensed servers. Then split out the dedicated file/print/fax/dns servers. Those are your standard licenses. The rest are your enterprise licenses.

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