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Exchange 2007 R2 Management Pack

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

The MOM Team have posted a great article about the Exchange 2007 R2 Management Pack disovery process so I’ve deleted my original posts as this is a single more complete reference:


Exchange 2007 – Discovers non-Exchange Servers

July 9, 2009 Leave a comment

The Exchange 2007 Computer Group membership is based on instances of the Exchange 2007 Discovery Helper. So you will see computers in here that are not Exchange 2007 servers, including Windows Server installation that have Exchange tools installed. Note, Windows Clients that have Exchange tools installed will not be a part of this group.

This was done because the Computer group is used to setup overrides for the health services, since the health service runs on the cluster physical node, and not all cluster physical nodes are discovered as Exchange 2007 Servers (CCRNode without a cluster and SCC being the notable reasons).

To remove these servers from the Exchange 2007 Computer Group:
> Create a group called something like “Exchange 2007 – Incorrectly Assigned Servers”
> Override disable the Exchange 2007 Discovery Helper object discovery for this group
> Run the following command from Powershell: Remove-disabledmonitoringobject

If additional computers are incorrectly assigned to the Exchange 2007 Computer Group then the following process should be followed:
> Add the server to the “Exchange 2007 – Incorrectly Assigned Servers”
> Re-run the following command from Powershell: Remove-disabledmonitoringobject