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Run As Accounts and Tasks

July 27, 2009 Leave a comment

This discussion came up on the technet forums recently and Steve Halsey from Microsoft came up with a great explanation:

“By default a task will use the default action account on an agent, that is if nothing else is specified in one of two places. The first place is when you run the task in the console, and you have change the account the task is run as, basically selecting a different account than the predefined run as account. If credentials are specified when the task is run they will override any other account settings.

The second place is inside the MP itself the author could have set the task to use a different Run As Profile. If the task has been set to use a different account profile, then this account rather than the default action account will be used. I can’t recall currently if you can set this run as profile when you are creating a task through the UI or not, but the xml of the Management Pack can use a Run As profile, the RunAs property just needs to be set in the WriteAction of the task”

WriteAction ID=”WA” RunAs=”MyLocalMachineAdministrator” TypeID=”System!System.CommandExecuter”

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